If you own a small to medium-sized enterprise, we're here to support you in:

  • achieving your personal goals through your business;

  • complying with the seemingly endless requirements of running a business in New Zealand; and

  • having fun doing it.

So why did we call ourselves the Academy of Business Excellence Limited? Our name wasn't a random decision - it was a carefully thought-out plan to present ourselves to the world.

Academy: The garden near Athens in which Plato taught. Today an academy is a place of study or training in a special art. We see learning as a life-long process which occurs most effectively when it occurs within the context of real life - not when you're cloistered away from the real world. Just as importantly, while some learning happens when you're on your own, much learning happens when you're not on your own.

Of: We'll give you this one - there's nothing special about it - not even in Latin - we just use joining words to make sense.

Business: If you're reading this you're presumably in business. We suggest however that until you have other people who can keep the business operating at least at a basic level, then what you actually have is a job - albeit self-employed. Yes - a sole trader can still run a business - but growth requires more than one.

Excellence: Pre-eminent standard, surpassing merit. If you want to be just another business, then keep on as you have been - you don't need our Academy. But if you strive to be the best you can, then we / our ideas may be part of your success.

Limited: This simply means we are a company. We like to think we're not limited in capability!