The business itself can be likened to a spaceship. The nose contains the long-term direction-setting functions. Most of the day-to-day functions (and power) are in the "fins", but without the nose, direction and effectiveness are likely to be missing.

Each section links to brief examples of questions that can be asked. They're not ALL the questions that could be asked - that would be close to an infinitely long list. The key is to start asking questions rather than jumping in and starting to tinker. You need to be sure you're at least tinkering in the right areas.

Even if you complete every area and achieve great results, just as gardens keep producing weeds, so there will always be things that need improving. Systems used to enhance areas need reviewing, and new areas will come up, but just as with gardening, the effort required on an ongoing basis is minor relative to the first time you tackle what can seem an impossible task.

In each section, we've provided a link to the sort of procedure you'd likely go through to get the best result. These examples should give you ideas of how to tackle the other areas. You'll see the core process is similar for each procedure, although obviously, the details are unique to each one.


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