Many businesses know the issues they face. Some seek external help in addressing these issues, and we are able to help with those, either directly or by linking you with people whose skills we value and trust. However, fighting fires, while maybe fun (for adrenaline junkies) is not an ideal way to grow your business - and certainly doesn't produce sustainable improvements.

This sounds very boring - but would you build a house by focussing on say, the electrics, because that's what you're comfortable with? Surely you'd surround yourself with the expertise to ensure all areas were planned and robust. The expertise may come from different sources - family, friends, colleagues - or even bought. There are some advantages to buying. Advice is likely to be open and honest rather than being held back for fear of upsetting you. Of course, it may also be tainted by ignorance, kickbacks, etc - so you always need to be careful.

We rely on the Rocket, developed by RAN ONE. As you can see, the rocket identifies four strategic areas, and then the five "fins" represent the five operational areas of any business. By using these we can be assured we're not overlooking anything, even when we focus on one specific area.