This may seem a bit unusual - but you won't be in business long without communication - partners, customers, suppliers, advisers, staff and so on. Good communication will greatly improve your business.

Have a look at this simple story and I think you'll agree that communication is fundamental to every business.

Of course these days it's increasingly complex. In case you missed it we're a multicultural society - and certain groups have their own challenges (e.g. hearing impaired). The issue of multicultural sensitivity is much more than handling the language - and sadly most small businesses tend to be less able to handle that than some of their larger competitors. But the thinking itself is also very different.

I was reading about the growing e-commerce in China. A big issue there is delivery - so it is common for a purchaser to request the same item from different sites, keep the first to arrive, and return the rest for refunds. That's not common for Kiwis - but is just one small example of the differences.

If there's one skill which could do with improvement in life in general and business in particular, it's communication. Whatever the business, you need to "sell" your story, and in particular, the benefits you offer prospects. And once they become customers, there is the need for ongoing communication - marketing, technical and so forth.

If you don't have clear skills in this area, you should look at some training. But you should also consider using external skills where appropriate - especially where it involves potential customers.