Thanks for coming into our virtual home. We're professional accountants who work with you to grow your business to complement your personal goals. We ensure your accounts and taxes are correct, and we help you shape your business to invigorate rather than drain you. If you want to talk, skip the rest and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us.


In these pages we give you a taste of what we're about - but the best way to find out if and how we can help you to enhance your specific business and lifestyle is to arrange a free, no-obligation, initial "meeting". This is not to see if we can convince you to sign on with us. It is to help us get to understand your business, and for you to work out clearly what you want from an accountant. If at the end of it we're both interested in going further, then we can discuss the options. Otherwise at least you will have a clearer idea what you're looking for to help you achieve your goals.


These days Skype lets us we meet virtually. This removes the restriction that used to limit us to our part of NZ. Clients range from the big smoke in the North to the West Coast of the South Island. The only thing we ask is that you schedule up to an hour for the meeting to minimise interruptions.


Accounting and tax tasks have to be done with professional inegrity, but on top of that we think three things might appeal to our target clients.




The biggest difference between us and most other accountants is our use of the internet. Email's long been a part of daily life for most businesses - but for us it's like the air that we breathe. It's just part of our practice - most of which is now out of our city. We don't even have an office down town any more. Initially this was a reaction to health issues, combined with the economic recession, but now my health's largely restored (thanks to a kidney from my wife) and the worst of the financial crisis is over, we see no benefit in going back. We and our clients enjoy this way of working - although it has taken some getting used to for both clients and us.


When we need to talk with clients we usually use Skype, although we still use phones. We also use TeamViewer, which allows us to talk with clients while working with them on their computer. And when we need to transfer large files we use DropBox (small files are emailed or sent via TeamViewer. If you're unsure about the "virtual accountant", give us a call (probably via Skype) and we'll show you how it works.


As for accounting software - it doesn't have to be "cloud" based for us to work over the internet (hence TeamViewer). Most of our clients still use faster desktop software - although there are some for whom the cost and speed sacrifices are outweighed by other factors. We're happy to work with and advise on any mainstream accounting package tailored for NZ.

Contact us



Skype PhilANZ


Phone 04 920 0911


P.O. Box 30-545, Lower Hutt 5040

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