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List of articles in category 2013
Big data analysis - what is it for starters?
The interview process - do's and don'ts
Customer acquisition takes a back seat to old fashion customer service
Enough to go around – cash flow tips
Bank shopping for a small business
Leadership styles - how to make the most of them
Recognising an opportunity
Testimonials and referrals - the value of a positive endorsement
Healthy wealth
Buying a brand: franchising
Give your business a financial facelift
Secrets to success – the five P's
Get equipped - technology tips
Keep it simple! Marketing for marketing dummies
Aim small to win big – niche businesses
Is it a lemon? Start up advice
No friends? Facebook tips to build loyal followers
Content promotions and the "new SEO"
Protecting your employees from poaching
Why small businesses go mobile (mobile vs desktop)
Time saving strategies
Glocalisation - what is it and how does it affect small businesses?
Social media marketing
Distinctly different - Unique Core Differentiators
Blog your business to success
Crowdfunding and the small business model
Phone a friend - business to business marketing
Professionalising the family business
Save money in the clouds
Rev up your search engines
Answering the call
SWOT: your business health check
Being an "open book" business
Invest in ingenuity instead of spending
Ideas to keep your business on track
Selling solutions - not products
Motivating your team - tips to inspire without breaking the bank
Customer collaboration
Exploring Ecommerce
Managing your marketing message
Exit strategies for small business owners
Making decisions with confidence
The elevator pitch
The 'three stages' of a consumer
Dealing with customer complaints
Social networking - how to boost your online profile
Underestimating the sales cycle
Time is money - how to avoid working for free