This explains the direction we're planning for newsletters now RAN ONE has ceased providing them. In pondering this it seems still nothing has fundamentally changed for as long as trading has been around - but people have changed in recent times. There have always been generational differences - that's called progress, although not all changes are positive.


We grew up in a world where coffee was the classic case where "instant" changed things. Being "wired" (usually wirelessly) from birth their whole approach to life has been changed. Again not all changes are necessarily positive - but there are growing signs of change in our business culture.


There have always been people looking out for themselves, but as the "free market" has come to dominate modern Western culture, we have lost the balance. What's best for an individual is not always best for society, and what's best for society is not always best for the individual.


Some people suggest putting society first, but to paraphrase Winston Churchill's quote about democracy, capitalism is the worst system of economics except for all the others that have been tried. Others focus on the individual, to the detriment of society. This has distorted people's views of capitalism, yet as they seek alternatives, generally they find great ideas, but when implement great disappointment. That is hardly surprising - whatever the system they deal with people. And people are not systems.


We believe in systems as a framework, but not as a self-perpetuating end in themselves. The subjects in the RAN ONE Rocket provide balance. We don't want to spend all our time on our special area (accounting) when so many other areas are required for a business to fly smoothly.


As an SME owner, you are in charge of everything. I'm an accountant, and the chances are you don't know much about accounting. But you should understand the profit and loss and balance sheet reports. And when things go wrong, you are responsible.


The same applies in every area of business - you can't  be an expert in them all. Our aim is to improve your knowledge of each area over time. But not head knowledge. That's a start - but on its own won't make any difference to your business. That's where implementation is key. And implementation often requires several iterations to fine tune the performance. It also requires measurements to allow comparison of before and after.


We want to help small businesses excel. Please keep coming back for more. Even if a particular subject may not be a high priority for your business, we will surely touch on subjects relevant to you - especially if you let us know what those subjects are.


You can keep checking in yourself, but if you want to know when our newsletters come out, sign up (on the right of the page). It doesn't give you access to anything extra on the site - we just send out a monthly newsletter to let you know when we've published the next tip on growing your business.


We're looking forward to helping you grow your business with these small newsletters. If you have any suggestions for future newsletters, or want to discuss anything else re improving your business, please let us know.