Make the most of these newsletters


These articles are designed to focus on the important but often ignored aspects of the business so you can grow your business.


Be sure to read each article with the mindset "How could this apply to our business?" Thinking of it that way will guarantee that you get value. If it's relevant, print it out. Highlight and / or take notes as you read and commit to having the ideas implemented by the time the next edition arrives. Also, make copies for each team member.


Implementing an idea might in many cases seem trivial. But if it's that simple and you're not doing it, why not? Business development isn't hard - but it's a bit like gardening. It needs constant attention - and a bit of planning. Some bits are small and simple, while others require more effort. If you stop for a while, clearing the weeds is much harder. If you keep at it, eventually it becomes a natural way of life. You might even find yourself enjoying it - as you should.


To really make sure something positive happens, work with your business development specialist to talk you and your team through the ideas and how to set a schedule for getting them implemented. We're here to help you get started. If you've been here before, and haven't made any specific changes from any of the ideas here, then either you already have a perfect business, or you need to start making changes.


Of course, there is a word of warning with these. Although they don't go out of date because of tax changes, technology, in particular, does change. General business advice doesn't really change, but articles featuring technology particularly can change relatively quickly. We've left most past articles on our site because they're generally still as useful as when they were written, but be aware that older articles were written in a different time and technology may have changed.