See how you can now use our services anywhere - via the Internet. No longer limit your options by location. It may not feel as real - especially to my generation - but we can be right at your desktop (or in some cases mobile) when you need us.


That's key - we are like your own staff - available when you need us (within reason). For example if you have an issue with your computer accounting system, or replacement of an asset, we are just a call away - no travel time and charge, and you don't get pushed aside so we can get at your system - we want you to learn as we help so you can get it right next time.


The main tool we use for this is TeamViewer (or sometimes Zoom) - although there are other tools we use - such as SecuredSigning and DropBox. These have changed our business so dramatically that we no longer have a physical office in town. Our office is now wherever you are (as long as you have broadband).


If all this sounds interesting, but like most you're wary of on-line scams and feel accountants work in places of bricks and mortar, talk with us. We've met most of ours clients, usually when they've been in Wellington - but some of those had been clients for some years before that happened. We offer a no-risk trial of our services. And of course you can always Google Phil Astley CPA to see I'm hopefully real.