We help businesses set, monitor and adjust direction to achieve controlled growth (in whatever senses the owners deem as important to them). On this site you can see the services we might use to help you, bearing in mind that each firm is different, and we can't demonstrate every possible method we might use in every situation.


We were members of RAN ONE for two decades, and offer a range of relatively tightly-defined small steps to tackle most business issues dealing with areas ranging from vision to marketing and sales to finance. Improving your business 100% might seem an overwhelming task - but if you implement a continuous improvement model, you might have 100 say 1% improvements (which are cumulative). Usually, we target the easy gains first, which might produce a 5 or 10% gain each. But we also need to make them part of your business - otherwise, those gains get lost.


We use our accounting professionalism and background to mentor business owners - to help them learn to work ON their business rather than just IN their business. Anyone can offer services - the acid test is how well they work long term. The biggest challenge is how prepared you are for change - growth can take us out of our comfort zone. If you are ready to make changes that will help you grow, then talk with me to get you started. When you need more, we can talk about options but you'll never get a bill from us unless you have first agreed to it.


Nothing will do anything significant to improve your business - unless you take action to boost your weaker areas. The choice is yours - a few minutes of your time doesn't cost anything - and could be the gateway to a path of continuous improvement - not just in profitability but also in whatever else is important to you.