What? No more trips to the office?

So what's all this virtual stuff about anyway? Well, the chances are that if you've used the services of a certified public or chartered accountant before, you probably know that to get a meeting with them, you have to schedule it. Then go to it. Of course some times you can get away with a phone call - but even that's usually followed by another bill.

And of course if you do all the work in your own accounting system, you'd like that to be reflected in the final result. Sadly all too often the accountant largely ignores what you've already done (based on their experience) - and the final accounts bear only a passing similarity to it. Sound familiar?

What about your place instead?

Well, we have undertaken something dramatically different. We use the client's system as our main system. Yes, we still do GST and accounts via a bank feed for people who don't want their own system, but we figure if people have their own system, why not make it work properly? We started doing this locally - but soon saw the benefits of doing it virtually.

Sure we still do final accounts in our system, because other systems generally don't do professional accounts adequately. For example, most systems don't do depreciation properly, and tax can be fun. And there's also extra stuff required for accounts. So we use a system designed for public accountants. But we make sure that your system is basically right before we do this. Then we take it and do the final entries. And then we make sure your system is updated to include these and agree with the "official" accounts.


Tools like TeamViewer and SecuredSigning let us both bypass traffic / parking / postal delays and focus on getting the job done.


Also our business development partner has converted most of its tools to run over the Internet. So we are no longer limited by geography.


Email is the backbone of our practice. In recent years this often over-looked tool has become more problematic as providers try to eliminate the flood of spam. In doing so, some (most notably Google) have become over-zealous so we can no longer rely on this most basic tool working as it should.


If you become a client (including those who get our free newsletters, we add you to our white-list so hopefully your messages to us will get through.


We ask that you add our addresses to your white-list.


If you're a tax or business client, please add *@businessacademy.nz to your whitelist.


As well, clients plus those who get our newsletters should add *@BusAcad.groups.io to your whitelist. (We used to BCC names and addresses, but since that became problematic we set up a mailing list. It has several components so you don't receive everything. There are separate lists for tax, business, directors, trustees and major accounting systems, all at this address.)


So, in a nutshell, that's our virtual services - pretty much like "real" ones - but without the geographic limits. Basically, at last we have the tools to be part of your team - not just to do your accounts at year end. When you need us, we can be there to help you - virtually. We have found that a five or ten minute session can solve a problem, and educate you so next time it's easier.