How virtual business development works

There is an element where being on-hand can provide valuable insights that simply can't be gained as easily remotely. Our business depends on business owners being truthful - to themselves and us. This includes giving all facts - some of which may seem obvious to you - but may not be to someone remote. It also includes being honest about something into which you have invested a lot of time and energy - some might even say your very soul. This is more difficult for us to assess remotely. So we both take a risk here. As we always keep our commitments as short as possible, the risk is minimised, but it's something we simply have to live with.

While there are many aspects to our work, there are two main ones - both of which can be done virtually.

First is problem solving. Before we can solve a problem, we must identify it. Sometimes a problem is staring us in the face - we just need to identify specific issues. At other times it's less certain. In that case working through a structured approach the the whole business can reveal which things we should deal with first. That's important because there could be over 100 things we could do - and when they're done we might well have to start again. Just like a weeded garden won't stay that way without constant attention, so an improved business will deteriorate without constant care.

Second is coaching / mentoring. So many businesses are run as jobs. If you're not sure what that means, read Michael Gerber's "The E-Myth Revisited" (and the "E" has nothing to do with Electronic - it stands for Entrepreneur). Our role is to help business owners work 'on' rather than 'in' their business.

While some tools we use are now on the web, others are on our local systems. Thanks to Skype we can talk to clients anywhere any time. Thanks to another program (TeamViewer) we can connect to clients and, for example, work on their accounting system. But we can also turn the connection around, and let them see our system. Thus we can do presentations - or even play a video session. So while we generally can't come to your place, we can work together.

Magic bullet

I should emphasize at this point that there's no magic trick involved. Whether we provide "real" services with face to face meetings, or "virtual" services with Skype or Zoom meetings, the secret to success is the same: hard work and continuous improvement. So if you aren't sure you have that, by all means, talk with us - and perhaps even try us on a small project first (which builds your confidence in the process and us) - but realise that ultimately it's your commitment that's critical.


That's our virtual business services - pretty much like "real" ones - but without the geographic limits. Basically, at last, we have the tools to be part of your team without having to actually be physically there. When you need us, we can be there to help you - virtually.