If you are a geek then don't waste your time reading this. But if you are part of the masses who use Windows but often get frustrated by it, and as well as the article on using Windows tips, the idea here we've found simple and effective. It won't turn your sluggard into a speed demon but will stop it routinely cluttering itself with wasted resources.


First, run the system configuration. The easiest way is to open a command prompt and type MSCONFIG. Be careful not to change settings you don't understand.


Select the Services tab and before you do anything else, tick the box at the lower left to "Hide all Microsoft services". You don't want to turn off anything MS wants.


Select "Disable all" and "Apply". On your next reboot, the various programs won't start automatically, and you will hopefully notice a slight increase in system responsiveness.


You may notice that some programs are slightly slower to launch. Note the ones you use regularly, rerun MSCONFIG and turn back on ones you want. My suggestion is to turn on anything related to security, and anything you use all the time. Otherwise, why have them running?