While we're confident in our guarantees, they're worthless unless you tell us you think we've let you down so we can put them right. As appliance retailer Alan Martin used to say, "It's the putting right that counts".


Fixed fees in advance


Our very competitive professional fees have a fixed fee structure. We encourage you to ask "what will it cost". You'll always be in control. If we ever bill you for something we have not agreed with you up front, we will waive our fees for the year completely - guaranteed!


Unlimited email / phone support


As part of our fixed fee service you get unlimited email / phone / TeamViewer support at no extra cost - guaranteed! This means you can email or phone us as often as you like without worrying about costs increasing as you speak - you can relax and concentrate on running your business.


Timely response


When you email or phone us if we are not available immediately we will contact you within 24 working hours – excluding emergency conditions such as major power blackouts, hospitalisation, etc - guaranteed.


Plain English


We will always seek to explain things in terms you will understand - guaranteed!




We specialise in personal service to small to medium sized owner-managed businesses who use an accounting package of their choice - guaranteed! Of course, we provide other services to business owners, but business is our main focus.


The Ultimate Guarantee

You are the sole judge of value - if what we give isn't up to expectations or promises you can pay what you think it is worth without argument – guaranteed!