Business eating into life? Not performing as expected? Worse yet, no positive change on the horizon? Hearing stories of family business owners excited by their business ideas can sound like a fairy tale. There are some things you should know about success stories.


First, you seldom hear about their struggles. Success seldom happens just by being in the right place. Every successful business will have their struggles too - they're just not usually part of the public story - but are an important part of growth.


Second, success also doesn't come instantly. We all know about Pokemon Go's dramatic "instant" success - but if you follow that story backwards, it was a very long time in coming together. Most businesses never achieve their potential. That doesn't mean you can't grow your business rapidly - but slow and steady often achieves better long-term results.


Third, very few successes are solely the result of one person's effort. If you haven't read it, Michael Gerber's "The E-Myth Revisited" identifies three skill-sets needed in every business. Two of these (entrepreneur and manager) are diametrically opposed personalities - no normal person can be both. This doesn't mean they can't act as both - but they won't make the best of the opportunities. You don't have to have it all within the business - you can have family and friends who can help - or you can get outside help.


So take a fresh look at your situation. Even that is easier said than done. For a start, if you own a business, you have a lot of pressures on your time. We often use the phrase "working on the business rather than in the business". Most of us don't have (or rather don't prioritise) time to work on the business.


When we're engrossed in the business it can be hard to see things with fresh eyes. His wife and I had tried to convince a business owner about part of the business without success. It was only when we tackled a different issue (vision) that he suddenly saw how that part of the business (his personal favourite) was adversely affecting things.