The Apple (plus Windows) accounting software?


When I first encountered MoneyWorks, I thought it was the typical Apple program - nice but quirky. Through a client's use of it, I have had a more thorough look - and have been surprised by what I found. It not only runs well on Apple Macs - but it is also competitive under Windows. There is even a Cloud version - more akin to MYOB's Accountright than to Reckon / Xero. It has its own interface - not just a browser.

MoneyWorks is a surprisingly capable program and is widely used around the globe - not bad for a local system. Accounting systems are by and large much the same. I suspect the differences this program has are partly due to the nature of Apple computers - and partly due to the nature of Apple users. The availability of Windows versions of the software is more in recognition of the reality today than anything else, but in my sadly Windows-based world, it still works well. I've never been a fan of Macs (sorry to those who are and just so you know I regard Windows 7 as the first Microsoft product to be acceptable) but in MoneyWorks I've found a program that meets the needs of both camps.

You don't have the one-year limit and other constraints of MYOB, nor do you have the issues of foreign-based technical support. plus you can use the same product for multiple entities with no annual cost. Updates are free - until they move to a new level of product every few years. While no system is perfect, this is well worth a serious look - especially for those who want to avoid the rapidly rising charges of other products.

For further information on MoneyWorks, check out Cognito's website, or talk with us.