Hnry is not an accounting system as such. For the right audience it's more than an accounting system - but only for the self-employed. And you don't get your hands dirty, so to speak. If your sole tax return is an IR3, and you don't have staff, stock, finance, FX adjustments, investments, trust distributions or other complications then Hnry could well be the answer for you. If you are self-employed, this service provides more than we can at the relatively cheap price (especially when your income is low) - often less than say Xero alone, and it does so much more.


IRD introduced AIM to try and keep people's taxes accurate during each year, but this takes things further. If the one thing you hate about being self-employed is taxes (and associated penalties and interest) this takes away your headache. You still have to provide them with details of your expenses (as well of course as setting them up with your income details), but they look after tax, GST and ACC. And as you would expect today, expenses are usually simply copies of receipts to be claimed.


While we like to think our accounting advice indeed helps you make the most of your income, we've long felt our costs for very simple jobs were disproportionate. Hnry offers a solution.