Newsflash: shoeboxes are so yesterday. Warning - before you click on the YouTube link it is the first of the series "Black Books". While it's very funny, it does require half an hour of your time.


The point is what we did in the past is no longer relevant. While you may find accountants who still work with the shoebox full of papers, most don't. In the '90s relatively few businesses had their own systems. Today relatively few don't. You may not know how to yet, but this section explains a bit about it.


Today we spend most of our effort making sure clients keep their books correctly - which means there is relatively little for us to do at year end. Plus, if things are kept correctly during the year, reports produced can be relied on. It's what we see as a win-win.


But first, you must choose a package that will suit you - both now and in the future. Some people promote specific products - but we suggest that's a bit like choosing a clothing outfit without knowing where it will be worn. So this section considers the general issues and looks at the pros and cons of the main contenders for small businesses in NZ.


If you want to talk about your options, feel free to contact us. We have no affiliation to any one supplier - just experience and a desire to see small businesses win. Your accounting system should be a tool - not a battleground. Most can do most jobs - but each has strengths and weaknesses.