There are many tools in this section - but one that's not a specific tool is our natural affinity with computerised accounting systems. Some people in business feel they don't need an accountant to handle their taxes - they are quite comfortable doing their own accounts in whatever package they have chosen. But there is often a nagging doubt about what they're doing. If even Inland Revenue sometimes misinterprets the law they administer, how can they be expected to get every interpretation right? Yet sadly that's the way the law works.


We understand this position - and try and keep it simple. Yet always lurking in the background are complexities that can bite. So we offer a special deal for businesses which do their own accounts but would appreciate having an experienced eye to review their systems.


This is NOT a full accounting service, nor do we become your tax agent. While we take professional care and effort to ensure the systems we review comply with the law, this is not an audit service. It does not come with our usual accounting guarantees. We simply can't be sure of finding every issue with every system in such a brief review.


So now that hopefully, we have made quite clear what it's not, what do we offer? For the princely sum of $125 (plus GST), we will review your system with you. We will spend up to one hour reviewing your system and highlighting any areas we can see where you might need to tidy things up.


$125 is not a large figure and is hardly likely to make us rich. We have seen so many accounts which are wrong due to relatively simple errors (and we've seen cases where these errors lead to mistakes of tens of thousands of dollars and therefore significant penalties or losses). The hours we've spent on tertiary and professional training give us insight into what is expected. But the typical small business person is expected to perform to the same level but without such training. So this service is presented as a way to improve the chances of getting it right (and therefore avoiding the IRD, complete with all of their penalties and interest).


If you're just wanting to gain some reassurance, send us an email. We'll arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting via TeamViewer. This means we can work with you on your system. You will need to take notes and arrange the required follow up steps.


But there could be issues raised that require more clarification. We offer advice on any subjects we encounter during the review, via email for three months following the review without charge.


Now it is possible that you'll ask questions that require the expenditure of more time and effort. if these do arise, we'll discuss it with you and get your agreement to pay before we do anything. This is not likely - but we just need to explain the way we work. You'll never get a bill from us without having first agreed to it.


The other limit to this is quantity. To avoid the possibility of this distracting us from our regular clients, this special offer is only available to ten businesses.