This is a PDF copy of a report prepared at the end of 2008 by the global chairman of RAN ONE. When it was written the economic crisis was everyone's focus. Now people are fearing a similar crisis - some seeing an upturn while others are still waiting for "the recovery". We are not seers of the future - nor are we economists. But what is written here is not just about disaster. Why not read it yourself and weigh up your business practices.

If you have Acrobat reader installed, to dowload the article click here to read it. If not you'll have to install it first. Adobe Acrobat

There's no rocket science here - just a down to earth summary of sound business practices. If you're already doing these things well, there's a good chance you'll survive the current battering and come out strongly on the other side.

If not, why not have a talk with us. It will cost you nothing (except for maybe an hour of your time) - and will at least provide some plans for the future. It may even lead you into a better future.