This is the tool that first really attracted me to the whole subject of business development. As an accountant, I see a range of businesses - but one thing is common: all could achieve more if they implemented even a fraction of the ideas they already have.


Sadly this is one program that doesn't adapt well to use over the internet. There are two reasons for this. One is that it doesn't lend itself to showing over the net, although as bandwidth improves, this is becoming less of an issue, especially after the original VHS content was transferred to DVD. But it that it really does best in a group situation where participants can share the experience with others. Again this is feasible today - but the group discussions we've had on the net tend to be less successful / more restrained than the real thing.


Having said that we still think this is an amazing presentation. We offer attendees a money-back guarantee: if you don't think you got value for your money, we'd refund the fee - no questions asked. We showed this to hundreds of people - only ever had one take up this guarantee.


There is a bigger reason we gave up actively promoting this tool. Although hundreds saw it, and the discussions showed all were inspired by it, none carried it through to implementation in any significant way. So while we love it, and really believe in it, we've seen better results from other efforts.


There is one final word of warning: if you are interested in this, it takes over two hours, although there are discussion breaks during that time.