This is genuinely free - but only to give you a taste of what you can do. You will not achieve success unless you believe in yourself and work at it. This offer is not long-term and not available to all.


We've learned over many years the biggest difficulty most business face is their owners' mindsets. Unless you are willing to change your mind as you journey through business, no amount of advice of advice or coaching will make a long term difference.


The "secret" to growing your business isn't actually a secret. It's a continuous improvement - learning and adapting as you go. One of the few things I remember from college French is a proverb: "petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nld", which translates to "little by little the bird makes his nest". That applies in business, and in life generally.


There are two aspects to this - knowing what to do (on a long term basis), and keeping the process going, no matter what. Sometimes the most powerful lessons come from adversity. In business studies, we refer to planning and control - but that omits a key factor: motivation. That is why many people use business coaches, and motivation is a key tool for all coaches. Without motivation, the best techniques will fall flat.


You may look for someone who can help you tackle issues unique to your business, or to an area of your business, such as marketing. Just as with sports coaches, a business coach need not be an expert in everything - the All Blacks have quite a coaching team. But someone - the owner - needs to keep a business on track.


We want to see businesses excel - to meet and surpass their owner's expectations. This is not only possible but should be the norm. We're so convinced that we are offering a free introduction to the concepts - to one business owner. The only thing we ask is that we can share (without personal or business details) your experience - warts and all - to encourage others on this path.


We will work with you for free for a minimum of three months to get you started on implementing change. It's only three months, so the changes won't massively transform your business – but it will give you a taste of what you are capable of if you work at it consistently. Note that you will be responsible for implementing the plans we agree on together. You may sub-contract tasks if appropriate, but it's your responsibility. Coaching is an aid - no one but you can drive your business success.


We will meet (via Skype, Zoom or TeamViewer) for about 30 minutes each month to catch up, as well as weekly updates via email or phone, and advice as required. The updates will cover what has happened since last month, what worked, what didn't (just as important as what did), and after the meeting, we (again mainly you) will come up with a plan for the next month.


We do not claim to have “the answer” to every issue in every business. Rather we apply a systematic approach to every issue. You'll be able (and we hope want) to continue this in the future.


It is completely up to you what we do – but once you decide to do something, we will hold you to account for it. It is your plan. We aim to prevent FTI (fail to implement) disease.