Optimizing your office space


It’s hard to get ahead when your desk is covered in everything you’ve ever done. You can never have enough room. So, whether you’ve got a huge office or a tiny cubicle, here are some steps you can use to get the maximum return on your work investment. Pass these along to your colleagues and the entire workplace will be more productive.

  • Go digital

  • It’s not enough to go paperless on your personal bills. It’s time to go paperless in general. Chances are, you’ve got a filing cabinet crammed full of things you have only looked at, well, never. They go in the file and then they are never seen or heard from again. A big part of this step is getting rid of your clutter, whether it’s paper or otherwise.

  • Clean up your digital mess

  • There are a few things you can do without disrupting the technology too much. You can get a mobile monitor stand relatively cheap online. This will allow you to swing your monitor out of the way when you don’t need it. Place the stand near the side edge of your desk. Pull out the monitor when you need it and retract it to the side when you don’t. Plenty of desk space now. Another part of this process is cables. There are cables everywhere. Consider a wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce the number of cables and then run your cables neatly out of the way. Use cable ties to complete a tidy look.

  • Get vertical

  • Look up! There is plenty of space for storing the things you must have. Consider vertical storage options. Floating shelves or wall-mounted shelving units may be an option for things you simply must display. Get as many of those trophies and family photos off your desk as possible. You can also use this as a chance to weed through some of the desk clutter you’ve been holding onto for reasons unknown to anyone, even yourself.

  • Be social

  • Why do you use your personal space so much? Consider the common areas for your work. You could have most meetings, especially meet and greets, in alternative locations. Even if you have some business to discuss with just one other person, you could have a walking meeting or a standing meeting. There are plenty of ways you can use common work areas to get many of the tasks done.

These are just a few of the steps to getting the most out of your office space. You might have to give up on that dream of having a cocobolo desk for now. There’s always next decade. These four tricks will have you getting through your work so efficiently that everyone will take note.


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