Holiday traditions to bond your team



The holiday season is just around the corner. As a business owner you're still making lists and checking them twice and you know in your team there are still the naughty as well as the nice. This is the perfect time to build culture and bond as a team. You can do a lot of things in your business to get in the spirit and make sure everyone has a fun build up to the holiday season.


Annual Santa hat day


Advertise via email if you must. Let your employees know that from now on this day will be known for flashing antler, musical Santa hats and even favourite festive fashion T-shirts. This is not an option. You can make it a contest for a small prize or gift card. Either way, you have to get everyone wearing a holiday hat or shirt. Mention it to your customers and some of them may participate in their own way. Before you know it, people will be looking forward to it all year, searching out the best selections of crazy festive fancies.


Desk decorating contest


Another great contest you can have is to see who has the best eye for interior design. Encourage creativity. If you have personal workspaces, they have an opportunity to get creative. Otherwise, you might have to designate particular areas or just have a day where you decorate together. Get everyone to bring in their old decorations to spruce up the place a bit.


Give back


The most important thing you can do as a team is to give back. You can work together on a toy, book or food collection for your local Salvation Army. Or your team may consider giving a financial donation, with a matching contribution from the company. You could even arrange for the team to volunteer with a local charity organisation. Get some feedback from your team and see what they would like to do to give back to the less fortunate. This is quite possibly the best way to build a team.


These are great ways to build the culture, even if you already have a great team around you. Of course you have holiday parties and celebrations that will probably occur, but this will only support those events and help them have a more natural flow to them.

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