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With all the constant change in the digital world, it’s good to understand some norms in the industry. Here is a one stop shop to help with a few of the nuances of using social media.




The first thing you have to understand is the collective jargon associated with social media. Here are a few that you need to remember.


At - @ is a symbol used to identify a user.
DM - Direct Message; a message sent directly to a user's inbox, rather than posted publicly.
Handle - your name, usually an @ symbol followed by your username.
Hashtag - # is symbol placed before a trending topic, or one you want to become trendy.
Mentions - using someone’s handle in your post; also called “@me” sometimes.
Post - something that is shared publicly for all to see (unless your account is private).
Profile - the information that is seen when a user clicks on your name; this includes a name, location, age (use the year you were founded).
Quote - just like in a research paper, when you quote someone else’s post.
Reply - a comment directed toward someone else’s post, also shared publicly.
Retweet - sending out someone else’s tweet to “second” their opinion.


Social assistance


Followerwonk - This is a great resource to follow the right people. This will help you get more attention through @mentions, retweets, and followers.
Google Analytics - Of course Google has the best analytics around and can be used for more than just Google sites. This works great with most social media sites.
Google URL Builder - You can make a shortened version of your URL (for a fee) to track particular aspects of your social media presence.
Later - This is a great way to schedule content for Instagram and visual content in general.
Social Crawlytics - This is the best tracking around for social media. They have various plan options to consider.
Tweetdeck - The original Twitter management system is still the best around. If you have trouble with Twitter, Tweetdeck can fix it. They will even pay attention to your followers and post at appropriate times to match their usage.


Keep this quick reference guide on hand and consider using these tools. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll be a social media pro with no formal training.

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