Getting the most out of Google



Google is just about the biggest thing on the Internet. It’s more than just a clever name. Everyone uses Google in some form or fashion whether they realise it or not. Google runs in the background of millions of devices around the world.


With the ever-growing presence of Google, how can you be sure that your business is getting the most out of this huge service?




Google now offers options to help you get daily tasks done for your business. Chances are, you already have ways to manage your daily business, but Google can make things easier with their “G Suite”.




Gmail is not just a regular email program. Gmail is directly linked to your google account, which provides access to all the Google apps. You can have your regular email account forwarded to your gmail account. This will provide a filter for your emails. You won’t get trash and spam delivered to your main inbox with the help of Google. You could consider using Gmail to manage your company email system. It might save you some money.


Drive and powerful apps


Paired with Gmail, Drive can be a very powerful tool. Nowadays it can store pretty much any file format you typically use in your business.


If you pay high licensing fees for office products, you may consider G Suite to keep costs down. They provide spreadsheet and word processing services at no cost to you. You can upgrade the Drive storage if needed. Best of all, this can be shared with your entire company or specific people (including customers). The free options are enough for most small businesses. They offer mobile apps of each product and the best part is that a lot of it is either completely free or just a few dollars a month.


Social Networking


Obviously, you want to make sure that you are getting the most bang for the least buck. You can get a huge return on minimal investment with Google. Don’t stress about AdWords and other costly tactics until you’ve maximised the free stuff.


Google Plus


Creating a high quality Google Plus page can have a huge return for your business. Get professional images and SEO content for posts. You can usually get these services cheap from small business specialists. If you have a few favours to call in, you can boost your social media presence overall with a few well placed images and some SEO articles. A good Google Plus page is worth more than the cost.


Blogger / Blogspot

Don’t forget to launch a blog for free. If you’re already using a blog on your site, this won’t offer much. If, like most small businesses, you don’t have time for blogging, this is the best tool you can have at your disposal. Blogs are automatically formatted to fit a theme and it’s as simple as finding an hour or two a week to enter some content. This is the simplest way to blog and you still get a great return. Blogspot is the first searched blog on Google because of their working relationship.


Using these free tools, you can make sure that Google is your friend without spending a cent. If the tools start to pay off, there are affordable options that you can use to maximise the potential. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they probably number close to google.


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