Managing your reputation



Your reputation is more valuable than any currency or even actual money. Reputation is arguably the most valuable asset you can have as a business. It will determine your long-term success in the business world. Here are three simple ways to make sure your reputation stays in pristine condition.


Follow through


The most important thing in any industry is your word. If you claim you can meet a deadline, deliver a product, or attend a meeting, then you’d better be able to do it. So many businesses crash and burn because they simply stretch too far, too fast, too often. When you make a promise, you put your name on the line. If you cannot meet the demands of the customer, be honest. Let them know that you’ll need more time or more money. It is more important to have a tomorrow than to make sure you get paid today.


Follow up


One simple way to make sure customers are happy is to pick up the phone and call. You could also send an email or use another method of communication that they prefer. The important thing is that you reach out and make contact. If the customer knows you care about the quality they received, they’ll be back again. Of course this can help your quality control, but the most important aspect of the follow up is to establish rapport and further develop those recurring relationships.


Follow back


In this day and age, social media is something that is never going away. Make sure you get out there on the web to see what everyone is saying about your company and the products and services you offer. Check your social networks. Make sure you are following all of your stakeholders. You won’t believe how many people take offense at not being followed. You can also check Google and other sites to find reviews and customer input. It might open a channel of communication that can grow your reputation even more.


When you follow a good strategy, your reputation will improve. Take leadership of your name in the world by being a great follower.

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