Don’t be a Twitter quitter - a how to for small business



Everyone is on Twitter these days. Well, not everyone, but a half billion people are using Twitter. They allegedly have over 100,000 new users each day. So maybe, it’s time you got going on Twitter. You may already have an account but aren't getting the most out of it. Or perhaps you haven’t even dabbled in Twitter yet. Here’s a way to jump into the deep end and get the most out of Twitter for your business.


Handle Business


The first order of business is getting the right handle or username. The best way to set up your account is to use your business name: @abccompany may already be taken, so try a few variations with the underscore or add a unique characteristic. You can try @abc_company or @abcyourtown (your location) to customise your name.


Get A Following


The first thing you should do is find all the Twitter accounts in your area. Look for your regular customers and vendors first. Then, add your local business associations or other small businesses. They don’t have to be in your industry and it’s even better if they aren’t. Follow as many people as you can find and many of them will follow you back.




You don’t want to tweet about just anything at any time. Be sure that your tweets mean something.

  1. What To Tweet.
  2. You can schedule tweets with an app like TweetDeck. This will be great if you run weekly or monthly specials. At first, make it a goal to tweet every single day at about the same time. Think about when your customers are online. They can be simple greetings or updates about your business. Always think from the customer’s perspective. What do they want to know?

  3. When To Tweet.
  4. If you are going after 9-5 customers, tweet around lunch time every single day when they’re free to check their phones. If you want customers in the industry with their own media departments, tweet as close to the beginning and end of business hours as possible. If you can maintain daily tweets for a few weeks, you’ll start to have a few new followers. Be sure to follow them back quickly so they’re likely to keep you on board.



Always retweet your potential and current customers. You want them to know that you are following them and remind them of your investment.




Look on Twitter’s Trending tab to find out what new hashtags are gaining popularity. Try to incorporate at least one trending hashtag in your tweets each day. If you can’t, retweet someone who is on trend.


Consider making your own hashtags for promotions or for your company.


Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll start to see Twitter as a tool, not a hassle.

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