Three keys to cultivating culture



Whether things are going great or you feel the wheels coming off, you can always make a few adjustments to improve your company culture. Culture is one of those buzzwords that rears its ugly head every once in a great while, but not everyone has the budget that Google has.


Instead of investing thousands of dollars in “nap pods” and ping pong tables, here are a few steps you can take to get your team to gel. All it takes, is a little TAR.

  1. I see right through you! (Transparency)

    Employees shouldn’t be left out of the loop. Employees that understand the cost, work to eliminate the cost. If you haven’t already started to empower employees, now is the time to start. Let them know why you want things done a certain way. You never know, they may just have an even more efficient way to save money or get something accomplished. Whether it’s cutting back on paper and office supplies or increasing production, your team may have a better solution than you’ve already found on your own.

  2. You have the power! (Autonomy)

    You hired them for a reason. Let them work. It’s hard to let go of control sometimes. The most important thing for managers and owners is to empower employees. The best way to empower your team is to give them complete control of the company. Of course that is within reason. Consider how much of a given transaction you are allowing your team to manage. Does each person stay within the parameters of a specific task? Do they have to get you for particular aspects of the job? Give them complete control from start to finish in certain areas. It will pay off in the end.

  3. You complete me! (Relationships)

    Companies that play together, stay together. That’s more than just a twist on a cliché; it’s a true statement. You don’t have to have ping pong tournaments and elaborate break rooms to have a little fun. Encourage employees to do things together. This could be as simple as going out for a drink after work on a particular day. You could be more elaborate and have monthly dinners, meet at the cinema, or just cultivate friendships. Those relationships are only going to benefit your bottom line.

Creating a culture that thrives is essential to having a company that thrives. Your greatest asset, whether you realise it or not, is your team. If they feel empowered, if they feel like part of the process, they work harder and smarter. Just remember to give them Transparency, Autonomy, and Relationships. That will have everyone stuck together for years to come.


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