Brand marketing techniques to help you stand out



ith so much competition, it can be hard to establish yourself as the top provider you already know you are. With a few slight changes to your marketing approach, you can begin to separate yourself from the pack.


Your brand is a part of you. In that sense, why not use the same approach you would when marketing yourself?


Here are three simple rules to remember in marketing your brand.


Be Human - With the long line of candidates, the potential client is most likely tired of hearing about percentages and paradigm shifts. Instead, focus on what makes you human. Use social media to post pictures of employees in action. Comment on other things that are happening in the industry (in a conversational tone, not business speak). People want to see the human side of the products they’re using. Show them your human side.


Be Humorous - You can alter your presentation, your package, your pitch, or another aspect to set yourself apart. If you make people smile or laugh, they’ll remember you forever. Take Air New Zealand for example; their ads poking fun at themselves have set them apart in the industry and created a loyal client base. No one ever laughed their way out of business.


Be Humble - Focus on the value you offer. Don’t assume that everyone knows you are the best at what you do, and you’ve got to do more than just boast. Instead, focus on how you provide a free consultation, you guarantee satisfaction, you stand by your product, you always go above and beyond to ensure happiness for your clients. Find a way to include these promises in your advertising and packaging materials.


Today, it’s difficult to stand out. You can’t just tweet a few times a day, upload some new photos of products to Facebook, and hire a consultant to help you with advertising. Rather, you have to make a few changes to the way you place products in the marketplace and in the mind of the consumer. Using a few simple tricks that you already use in your personal life can make the difference for your brand.


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