What to look for in potential employees



Picking the right person to add to your team is hard. You are probably worried about finding the right fit. There are a few things you can look for in order to make sure you get the right person for the job.




The most important fit is personality. You can’t run a business with people you simply don’t get along with. Don’t be afraid to turn someone away because you just don’t get along with them on a personal level.


This is probably not the best way to run your business in the long run because you’ll need to have some resistance to make the best possible decisions. The truth is, when you first meet someone you are on your best behaviour. If their best doesn’t quite fit the bill, you shouldn’t waste your time.




A great trait you can check for during the interview is multi-tasking. No member of your team can do just one thing at a time; you have to be able to balance a countless number of tasks.


You can check for this in a traditional interview by asking questions that are unrelated to the particular topic. Mix up your questions. Ask about their last job, their first boss, their grades in school all in rapid fire. Interrupt their response and then come back to it.


If they can keep up with the conversation, they may well have what it takes to get through the balancing act.




The most important trait for any team member is the passion for working. Everyone has to do more than just show up. You have to look for the person that sees the value in every aspect of the business, even emptying the waste bins.


If someone is going to take the time to seek you out, they have already shown a bit of ambition. You can test this out by playing scenarios. Give them hypothetical situations in which they are the manager. If they have some thoughtful responses, they have visualised themselves as a leader.


That practice could be more valuable than the old cliche, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”


Who to Hire


At the end of the day, there’s no secret formula to find the perfect team member. Most of the time, you just get a sense that they belong. If you are sure they will fit right in, can balance the load, and they want to be successful, then you’ve got someone to consider.


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