Mobile commerce – how it affects your business



At the beginning of the new millennium, e-commerce boomed. Now, the propagation of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is altering the playing field once again – from research to analysis to purchase of products and services. In order to stay competitive, your business needs to deliver a mobile-friendly site no matter your industry. You may ask why, even as m-commerce evolves and consumer confidence rises in the mobile marketplace.


Your current customers and maybe more importantly, your potential customers, are looking for m-commerce options from your business. This means mobile commerce affects your business and it is up to you whether the effects are positive or negative. Consumers are not only purchasing products in record numbers but also making payments, doing research, and comparing prices, products, and services. This means those consumers are an invaluable source from which you can grow your business and build loyalty among your customers.


M-commerce consumers are engaged, knowledgeable, and valuable. Mobile commerce presents huge opportunities for your business though the incorporation of integrated marketing. Today’s consumers exist in a multi-screen world. With that in mind, to be effective in your industry, you should develop an online marketing strategy. If you have an online strategy in place, now is the time to ramp it up.


Recent studies show that nearly 90 percent of media interactions occur on smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and television. In addition smart phones, the source of m-commerce, is where many online activities start – particularly in the search for information. Wouldn’t it benefit you if, when a prospective customer is searching in your industry, your mobile friendly, easy to navigate m-commerce site captured their attention? The answer is a resounding yes.


Implementing a mobile commerce mindset in your organisation is the ideal way to affect your business in positive way now and for the future. Set yourself apart from your competitors, develop a mobile site (or even an app) with a design that functions optimally on a multitude of devices and is responsive – you’ll be glad you did!

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