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Your logo is your brand - it’s you, in a graphic or image. It’s the single visual representation of your business that has the ability to attract customers, promote your skills and bolster your reputation. It’s important to pay it a lot of attention both at conception and along the road as well.


In this article, we will look at the how and when of updating a logo.


The trickiest part is that you may lose the familiarity with which your customers have grown accustomed to your original logo. That’s why it's important to first define if it is indeed the right time for a logo change.


Top reasons to consider a brand refresh:

  1. Logo is out of date - a good logo is timeless! Think Coca-Cola.

  2. Products / services have expanded or changed. Think Starbucks, eventually removing the word coffee from their logo as they are now a household name for beverages and snack items of all types.

  3. Market or niche market has changed. Diversification of your profile can happen many times throughout the life of a small business. A new logo is not called for every time you shift but it may be if the shift is significant enough that it renders your current logo inaccurate or misleading. Think shifting from an over 65 to under 35 market.

  4. Core values or mission have changed. Perhaps new ownership, new partnerships, new scope or perspective on goals and ideals could also call for a change.

  5. A location move or additional office expansion.

Once you have established that it’s indeed the right time to rebrand, its best to, as usual, keep it simple! Don’t launch an overly complicated project, riddled with potholes in the pursuit of perfection.


Hire a branding firm, invest in a designer who is familiar with your brand and trust their instincts.


It’s always sound advice to start where the money is - ask your customer. Hold a contest accepting submissions, post a comment about a pending change requesting feedback and offer incentives for unique and valuable input.


Write down the new objectives - make a clear list of what you need the logo to represent, highlighting the new or different objectives as important.


Look to your competition but never copy them. Your goal is to one-up them, to stand out, but it never hurts to see what others in the field are viewing as ‘good’.


Don’t forget to consider both elements of the logo - imagery / graphic (this includes colour, placement, etc.) as well as font. If you opt for simple graphic elements, your font has more weight. Again, a designer is your go-to on these decisions.


Be creative but sensible. Remember it’s not a reflection of you or your views - just your business!


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