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According to data collected last year, 72% of consumers prefer businesses to employ a multi-channel marketing approach. So what does this mean, exactly?


Simply put, multi-channel marketing means sharing your message across a variety of outlets, both on and offline. Think radio, TV, social media, print and mobile.


As consumers themselves typically use a minimum of two channels, they expect businesses targeting their dollars at them to do the same.


The time of day, the target audience age and demographic heavily influence which channels pair best with which customer. Based on these parameters, there are five most effective pairings:

  1. Computer and Mobile Device

  2. Mobile and Television

  3. Computer and Television

  4. Mobile Device and Radio

  5. Computer and Radio

These one-two combos amplify your advertising reach while encouraging diversity in your market. When employed correctly, these pairings also stretch marketing dollars, incentivise new campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Win-win-win!


These pairings should aim to encourage customer engagement, drive traffic to the website, draw in new customers, generate referrals and of course, boost revenue. It always leads back to the sale!


When navigating multi-channel marketing, remember to do your research and select the channels that make the most sense for your business, product, and audience. Always enter these markets with a purpose, and always maintain confidence knowing that you will be meeting the needs of the market.


You should always remember that multi-channel marketing aims to level the playing field between small business owners and the big guys. Previously the big guys had the upper hand, with the resources and ability to dominate the market.


However, times have changed. This layered approach offers a means to expanding reach.


Before entering multiple channels, ensure that your message is clear, intentional, and most importantly, consistent- a united front!


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