Six steps to promoting your business on Facebook



Brush up on your techniques and take a minute to adjust your strategies when it comes to Facebook promotion. Contrary to popular belief, simply having a page and posting a few times a week will not produce results.


The advantages of a well-utilised Facebook page are simple - engaging with customers and prospects, sharing success stories and providing a new level of customer service are compelling in themselves.


The techniques for creating a successful page are reasonably straightforward.


First and foremost, note that a profile and a page are different! A profile (otherwise known as a personal timeline) is for your personal use, for posting pictures of friends, families and fun. A page is designed specifically for a business. It reflects the business, not the personal views of the owner.


Your page should include your logo as the profile picture as well as a brief, engaging summary of your business and what it does.


Got that sorted? Here are some more helpful tips:

  1. Decide why you are going down this road. It is one thing to jump on the bandwagon because everyone is doing it but quite another to make an informed decision to take action geared at business development, with a clear strategy in mind.

  2. Identify your ideal audience and define your 'voice'. Who are you reaching out to? Each message / post / share should be crafted with the audience in mind. Defining your 'voice' is important in determining how you will speak to the audience. Think of this as a sort of online personality - take on a fresh, innovative role that will spark engaging commentary.

  3. Determine your 'content pillars'. These pillars are intended at creating focus and will help you post with intention and specifics. Start with three to give yourself direction.

  4. Share, post and engage. Posting alone will not drive new users to your page. Sharing is the Facebook version of networking. Consider each share as a potential new market niche and be selective with what you share. If your posts are not garnering comments or shares themselves, you need to revamp.

  5. Utilise the strategies offered by Facebook itself. They have crafted some tried and true methods for page promotion, such as Facebook Offers, for coupon creation or Post Promote, which allows you to boost post visibility.

  6. Leverage the connections offered. Facebook is like online word-of-mouth. Take advantage of the connections and encourage fans to check in and post reviews. Create special events, promotions and discounts that can only be made available through the Facebook channel to create unique connections.

Remember to tie in your marketing channels, asking customers in store to "Like" you on Facebook!


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