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As if navigating the waters of social media and online marketing were not already challenging enough, strap on your life vest folks, because now it's time to talk about how effective your efforts actually are.


Jumping into the deep end and learning to swim among the social media sharks was a great start. But now you have to build an effective content marketing strategy that can act as a raft and actually keep you afloat in the rough seas of small business marketing.


Content marketing is not rocket science. Listening to your customers and giving them what they want is an organic part of your business plan. Your content should always be driven by a call to action, converting a lead into a customer.


Ever typed a question into a search engine? Those suggestions that pop up as you are typing are typically the most relevant to your question. Capitalise on that by answering the common questions that your customers may have.


Always write your content for your audience, not for your search engine. When done right, effective content will drive traffic to your site naturally.


Stop selling! Instead, start developing a conversation. Leave the selling to your sales people and take on the more intricate task of inviting a dialogue that will, in turn, continue to produce relevant content.


Struggling to start? Repurposing content and applying new relevancy is a great way to release writers block. Don't let the pressure of becoming the next great blogger overwhelm the task at hand.


Blogging is the most flexible, relevant and convertible way to deliver your content. Set up a blog section on your company website and keep it updated on a regular basis.


Once you have created the content and set up a delivery platform, utilise your social media to act as beacons, driving your customer toward it.


Consider videos and infographics as regular players on the stage of content marketing. Text alone is no longer going to cut it.


A system of monitoring and analysis, such as Google Analytics, is vital, as it actively reflects what strategies are garnering a response and where the majority of your traffic is originating, and landing.


Being consistent is one of the foundations here. Sporadic and random content will never build up the following that is necessary to determine your content marketing as effective.



  1. Be familiar with content marketing, in business terms. How does it relate to your goals?

  2. Create compelling and unique stories (minus the sales pitch).

  3. Assess, audit, and repeat is the mantra of effective content marketing.

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