The interview process - do's and don'ts



We all know the deal - the right team is tantamount to a successful business. Okay. But what does this really mean?


How do you go about ensuring that the team you put together is the 'right' one?


It all starts with the interview process. As we are not all specialists in HR, it is important to take note of some of the dos and don'ts when it comes to building a cohesive team.


The interview begins before the actual interview ever begins. Take advantage of the extra research time and answer some major questions before the initial contact. Red flags can be discovered and save you valuable time, simply with the use of the World Wide Web!


Brush up on the legalities of the interview itself. There are always appropriate and inappropriate ways to phrase the same question.


Be wary with enquiries involving marital status, age, race, ethnic background, disabilities, citizenship, gender, education, criminal records, religion, and many more. Due diligence will ensure you avoid a potential lawsuit.


Develop a list of crafted questions related to:

  • Past jobs

  • Motivationsl

  • Stability (in the past, and currently)

  • Resourcefulness

  • Experience working with authority / under the direction of others

  • Experience working as / with a team

  • Self-evaluation of strengths and weaknesses

  • Aptitude and decision making skills

You will find that interviews can be quite the game of semantics and consulting with an HR specialist or bringing a contractor in to complete the initial process might behove any first-time employers looking to hire.


A lack of consistency is a fatal flaw in the interview process. Each candidate must, without fail, be measured by the same criteria.


During the actual interview, pay attention - to everything. You are hiring the whole package and must be as detail-oriented as possible. Do not disregard body language; it can be a key indicator in how well this potential employee handles future interactions, with you, other team members and most importantly, clients.


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