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Many small businesses are dependent on selling products and services to other businesses whose premises are within a short distance of their own base of operations. But geographic closeness doesn't necessarily help you get noticed by them - you can place an ad in the local paper but they may never have the time to read it.

In this situation you need to think of an alternative channel for getting noticed and one of the best is personal marketing. Every meeting with another business owner can be turned into an opportunity to market your business in a way that costs you nothing. Here are some ways of using personal marketing.

Remember, prospects are everywhere

Whenever you travel, attend a sporting event, go to a parents' night at your local school or even wait in line at a bank, its possible there is a potential customer among the group. So always be willing to talk to people. You never know who you might be talking to. Naturally not everyone is going to be a potential customer but even if somebody isn't a prospect for your business they may well know of another person who is.

This doesn't mean pushing yourself onto anybody and everybody with a business card in your hand, but it does mean keeping a business ear tuned in to the conversations you are having. It's really a matter of your mindset.

Develop your elevator speech

Prepare a little story about you and your business that's interesting and only takes a minute or less to go through. Most conversations eventually get into a "What sort of work do you do?" phase, and that's your chance to tell others about yourself.

Naturally you also have to show a real interest in the people you talk with and take the time to hear their story. Listen carefully and you'll always learn something. Ask additional questions if you think there's more to learn; some people only tell part of their story and wait until they're encouraged before they say anything else.

Help whenever you can

Helping others will always be a good way to help your own business. If your conversations indicate that you can be of some assistance to the person you're talking with, it's an opportunity to get to know them better. This extends to those you're already doing business with. Get to know them and their needs better by talking with them. You might have a solution to their biggest business problem and can make a friend for life!

Share your expertise

Whatever business you're in, you're an expert. Think about it. You know more about what you do in business than anybody else that isn't in the same business. If you can make up an interesting presentation about what you do, others will gladly listen.

Contact local organisations and offer your services as a guest speaker. It's easiest to begin with any that you're already a member of and go from there. One or two practice sessions and you'll come across like a polished presenter. Then you can expand outwards to speaking in front of other groups, meeting lots of new people in the process.

When it clicks, personal marketing places you in a one-on-one situation with a prospective customer who shares many of the same concerns about running a business that you have. If you can be informative, interested and helpful you'll find your business growing and possibly make new friends at the same time.

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