We don't think we're your average professional accountant. We offer virtual accounting in a total way. There are things we can't do because we don't have physical offices, but if you run your own Kiwi accounting system, we help you make the most of it.  It's always been important to get things right at source - but with IRD moving to collect GST and taxes based on your accounts, It won't be long before getting it right every time is vital.


We help you get it right during the year, rather than finding issues at year end.  We do this on your computer over the Internet. Some people think that recent tax changes will simplify accounting so much that accountants won't be needed. Things will continue to change, but you'll still need to get the basics right and we'll still be focussed on the health of your business - not just your tax returns.


At year end we do a review with you, and then take a copy of your data. After we have finished your accounts, tax returns and minutes, we update your own system with depreciation, H/P's, salaries, taxes etc, so that your system agrees with the "official" information supplied to IRD in tax returns. If you're "in the cloud" then this process is done in the cloud - but the basics are similar.


There's more to it than that - basically we're like your own accountant, on your team, keeping an eye on things and providing advice when you want it - but we don't take up valuable office space and we don't charge extra for every bit of advice. We're on-hand via the Internet when you need us. Many clients find this more effective than the traditional accountant's office.


We're excited about this way of working - much more effective than receiving a pile of data at year end and sorting everything out then. We think it's great, and so do our clients - most of whom have been with us a decade or more. In summary:


Fixed monthly price


Unlimited advice and support


Available when you choose

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Skype PhilANZ


Phone 04 920 0911


P.O. Box 30-545, Lower Hutt 5040

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