The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work. (Robert Frost)

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Monthly webinars are designed to present key ideas on business principles to those in a position to implement them. We provide a follow-up service to all attendees to encourage you to actually do something about it. After all, no matter how many courses you attend, your business will stay the same unless you implement some new ideas.


Stand Out From Your Competitors


Thursday, 27th September 2018
2:30 PM


Perception is reality. And it is the differences that potential customers perceive that make them choose one business over another. Unique Core Differentiators (UCDs) clearly articulate what makes your business different.


Join us and learn how to identify or create your own UCD's that will target your customer's hot buttons.


Discover the strategies to ensure that all of your marketing efforts clearly articulate why you are unique and why customers should buy from you.


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