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A basic accounting concept is the entity. Accounts are always done for an entity. But in most unlisted businesses, we are dealing with the entity AND the "power behind the throne". So when we talk about the well being of the business, we cannot really do that without looking at the well being of the people involved.

This page gives you an opportunity to perform a short evaluation of where you and your business are at right now. It doesn't do anything about it - but at least it gives you a chance to look objectively at the big picture.

If you run through this procedure again in say six months time, you may get a different score. This may be because circumstances have changed, or it may be because you are driving your business forward.

Of course, things might not have changed. That tends to be the way most businesses operate, doing the same things in the same way and producing the same result.

We provide this small questionnaire free of charge and with no commitment. But if you want to talk about how you might go forward consistently, talk to us (via e-mail, Skype or phone). There's no cost to talk.

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