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We also offer specialised business training or a range of courses and programs for the public - and for individual businesses. These aren't just done for the sake of it - they cover many of the most common areas suitable for most businesses. They have been developed by our associates in RAN ONE based on the most common issues they have found in their years of business development.

While we offer these around the greater Wellington area, we've also gone virtual. We can offer these courses over the Internet. However, technology is still limited, so we do not offer larger public courses in that way. Our private services can be run anywhere, but courses, where public input is a key part of the experience, are limited to our own neighbourhood. Some of the public ones can be modified for use with individual businesses, so if you think they are relevant, talk to us and we'll see what we can do.

So we have all these resources - but if you're new to us, where do you start? If you have a specific problem, there may be one particular option which sounds like it will address the key issue you have. Or you may contact us to see if we can address a particular issue. If so, that's a great start.

But if not, where do you start? Of course, you could just call us and ask for our free no-commitment initial consultation - that's always an option. But perhaps you don't feel up to that yet. Perhaps you wonder if we - or anyone - can help your business perform better. Or perhaps you wonder if you've got what it takes. Well, we have two options for you.

The first is free (or if you choose very low cost), and doesn't involve us at all. Read a book - and do it. In particular, read Michael Gerber's "The E-Myth Revisited". You can get this from a library for free - or from a bookseller. It's not new - and it doesn't require a PhD to understand it - but there is a reason it's regarded as a classic. If you read it and decide maybe you can do something about your business, then come back and let us help you figure out the next step.

The second option is similar - but involves us. If you are wanting one low-cost session to find out more about our approach to business, the Wally course is the one. This DVD is about an ordinary guy (even if he is Aussie) named Wally. Called "Make your business really fly", it looks at the principles behind how he turned his business from a back-street dealer to a multi-national.

The real power behind this program is that it was made just before he died of cancer. He had already made money and had no need or power, so his motivation is much less questionable than normal. He'll never be after your money through any tricks. You don't often get a presenter who has not only done what he's talking about but who also can be totally open about it.

This gives you a low-cost introduction to the principles involved (Gerber started Wally on the path), and we give it a money-back guarantee. No questions, no tricks. If you don't consider you learned anything of value to you, simply ask for your money back and we'll give it to you. So there's still no catch to it.

So why are we so keen to get you started that we will do this? We could sell you a program, complete with lots of promises - and at least get something for our effort. But that's not what we're about. We want to see your business succeed. If we can join you on your journey, that's the icing on the cake.


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