RAN ONE has been around a while now - but not many people know of it - which is exactly as it is designed to be. This is because it does not offer services direct to businesses. Rather it provides training and resources to accountants and other consultants who can then provide consulting services which are far more effective than your typical "business mentor".

Far too many "business specialists" operate as "lone rangers", usually with less than balanced skills. Often they develop a skill and build a market around it. This isn't really surprising - as Michael Gerber points out in "The E-Myth Revisited", two of the three types of people essential to a business are almost opposites. Of course, there are also some who market "the complete solution" - all you have to do is pay them - and do it their way.

As we developed an awareness of the business environment and how most businesses struggle to balance their life and make a real profit (before the recession - it's even harder now), we discovered a group of people whose philosophy is aligned with ours (and Michael Gerber's) and whose business is helping accountants (and a few others) help their clients. These people are RAN ONE.

RAN ONE is an international firm, with offices in Australia, Europe and the USA. With their resources behind us, we have the tools and training available that people traditionally associate with the "big boys" - all in a smaller firm.

The most recent developments have been based around the Internet - which lines up nicely with our move into virtual accounting. So now we can offer most of our services "virtually" - including our business consulting.

The image below shows the business model used by RAN ONE consultants as a framework for tackling business issues. ranone rocket
The purpose of us showing this is not to go through this in detail here, but simply to show that all of our work is based around this model - whether we're tackling the vision - or part of one of the fins. The long-term key is to improve all weak areas, rather than just to focus on particular items of interest. If a business is weak in one area, that is likely to hold back performance of the entire model.

And it doesn't matter whether we're talking about a top 20 company or a home-based business - this model applies to them all. It is only a tool - one way of looking at a business - but it does prove useful in identifying and tackling issues in a business. The key is to break it down to manageable pieces and deal with each piece, bit by bit.  That is not all there is to our model. This is where a lot of our detailed work fits - but in terms of a SWOT analysis, this is focussed on the "SW" analysis. We also work with the "OT" part - but again this isn't the place to go into the details of how we might be able to help you. The key issue is we do have more than "seat of the pants" guesses to ensure there is some method in what we do - but neither do we have a "paint-by-numbers" approach to problem-solving.

Rather we follow a proven and effective but simple approach. We identify the problem. We identify potential solutions. We identify the preferred solution. We implement the preferred solution. We monitor the effects of the change. And if necessary we modify the preferred solution until it is producing satisfactory results.

The use of the term "we" is an integral part of this. Part of the whole process is to make your business more effective. We can do the most fantastic job on this - but it won't make a long-term difference if YOU don't own it. So "we" means us - together. Each project may involve different people at different times - but in all cases, YOU are the key. You have to "own" the systems - not just tick the boxes. If you're looking for a system that doesn't involve you, then we can save you time and money - just don't contact us. But if you really want to see your business change for the better, contact us. The least we should do is talk through your issues.


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